Tuesday, November 11, 2008

...To Wrestle The World From Fools

In 1988, when all my friends were either newly dead or preparing to die, Patti came back from retirement to leave this gift.
I would listen to it over and over, feeling completely powerless over what was happening around me.
I don't feel that way now.
It's time to man the barricades again.
People Have The Power.


bstewart23 said...

Who knew we could get fired up like we did almost twenty years ago, Mark? And with the righteous Patti as our soundtrack!

Jeff said...

Thanks - I needed that.

rangergeek said...

An excellent song for any revolution.

poof said...

Well, she's certainly shouldered her share of loss and grief over the years: Robert Mapplethorpe, Richard Sohl, her brother Todd, and her husband Fred. And who knows who else she was friends with that we wouldn't know about?

She's been a presence in my life since she released "Horses" (and really before by reading her in places like Creem magazine). I saw her at the Lincoln Theatre in DC a little while back with a showing of the film "Patti Smith: Dream of Life".

Thanks for posting this. I've been listening to "Easter" a lot lately. I think I'll have to get out the rest of her stuff.

Supreme11 said...

This made me all leaky...I was 28 going to my first Gay pride with my first poz BF...unfortunately he didn't die, but that's another story. I had to work that sunday till early afternoon , the whole time I was listening to this cassette on my walkman and thinking it was about us.

Anonymous said...

OMG.OMG.OMG. I LOVED this song!!!!! I remember when I saw this on MTV--this video was my introduction to Patti Smith. I was also on this whole Tracy Chapman jag at about the same time, i was just admitting to myself I was gay (12 years old and trapped in Texas in 87-88) This song helped me not slit my wrists. Thanks for this beautiful burst of energy!!!

I'm gonna blog about it. I love your blog--you need to update more, you're interesting... Blog on!

Ernie from L.A. said...

Patti Smith is GOD!!!