Monday, December 12, 2005


If you are one of the 480 people who were sent here by this, welcome.

Please know that the other nickname being bandied about for me was Dadzilla.

I'm actually fine with both of them. I've been called worse. SuperDaddy was coined at a friend's 30th birthday party this past fall. It looks like it stuck. I don't mind. I've been wondering exactly where a 51 year old man fits in to the scheme of all thing gay, and I guess that question's been answered for me now.

Joe is extremely kind. I'm just a regular guy, as you would soon find out if you happened to hit the Dugout on a Sunday afternoon. It's just that my partner Tim's been bartending there for over 8 years and I'm usually hanging out, waiting for him to go home. Consequently, I've met a whole lot of people. You should know that I'm pretty approachable. And you can't miss me. Joe's clues could lead the walking dead directly to me.

It was a fun night. Joe arrived first, followed by Bryce and Neil, Dustin, Liam, Gregg, Greg and Mike, Eric, Erik, Jeffrey, followed by an assortment of attractive new guys. Lots of beer was consumed. Lots of hugging and random making out ensued. Some of us got way drunker than others. The whole thing was over by 9:00. Tim and I were home and in bed by 10:30.

By the way, Tim and I have nothing against Cher. We think she's just fine. We just HATE those songs. Play them at your own risk.


David said...

I've been toying with a Sunday appearance for a while, just to meet you guys. But I have yoga class that goes from 6:30-8:30, so it kind of eats right into the middle of things. And beer before yoga isn't the best combo.

I was all excited to swing by on the 25th (no class that day), but you've posted that you won't be there. Oh well.

Chris Krakora said...

I'd hate to see what would happen if someone put on some Madonna on the Dugout jukebox... LOL

circleinasquare said...


zinc alloy said...

I guess that would make me number 481. Glad to be here!

seymour said...

I do miss hanging round you at the Dugout Mark. Seems like Ill have to take a number when I'm back in town.
Cher = "skip button"
Has 'wolfmother' made it onto the jukebox yet? Id love to get their album to you x