Sunday, January 22, 2006

Report From The Front

I'm happy to report last night's bar crawl was successful. At least for some of us.

Dinner was great, very relaxing and lots of fun. The boys had a Navarin of Lamb and I had Lapin Maguerite (I'm not translating that due to the ewwww factor...suffice to say it was served in a light mustard, wine and cream sauce). I had three Manhattans with dinner and left a happy man.

The three of us headed over to Therapy on the early side. Once we got upstairs, retrieved drinks and took our post at the railing under the skylight overlooking the staircase M. began to noticeably twitch. I knew it. All that young flesh was driving him insane. And not in a good way. Nothing interested him. Bored, he pulled out a copy of HX and started to read. I took it away from him. I saw some very nice young men, and finalized what has been a fairly recent sociological revelation for me.

Apparently, the young don't cruise the way we used to.

A couple of weeks ago, I met Ryan's friend Jason, from San Diego. Very nice. Every time I looked his way he'd be looking at me, but then his eyes would dart away. I only found out he was interested in me when Ryan came by and told me that Jason liked me.

Us old school guys generally locked eyes when we saw someone we were interested in and proceeded to bore holes into each other until we met. Apparently, the kids today have a more furtive technique. Lots of little glances, with quick look-aways. I had ample opportunity to test my theory with a muscular youngster last night.

M. could bear Therapy no longer, so after two bourbon and sodas, we headed around the block to Posh. Tony is right; Posh is a bad name for a good bar. It was packed but not too packed with a friendly crowd and I was extremely popular. Tim and I had a blast and definitely will return. M. hated it even more than Therapy. To appease him, we headed down to the Eagle.

Whereas the other two bars were well lit and friendly, the Eagle was dark and grim. Honestly, would it cost some of those bartenders anything to actually interact with their clientele? Perhaps a smile? There are a couple of friendly guys, and then there's one or two who are just dismal. Listen, they ain't that fuckin' hot, and if they are, what the hell are they working there for? I have a feeling it's not the greatest bar gig. There's a lot of bartenders and I can't imagine the tips are that great, once they're pooled and split.

Tim and I agreed that we'll be spending more time with our neighbors in Hell's Kitchen this season. It's nice to be fresh meat in your own town.

As for M., well, after last night, the only place we'll be going with him is back to the Townhouse.


Anonymous Edward said...

I have been living in exile in the SF Bay area for some years but I recall reading in Towleroad and/or Qweerty, The Townhouse recently shuttered its doors. You are most fortunate to have places to pick and choose from - very little left here and an even lower level of energy at those places left alas.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Matty said...

From the food you mentioned (and I can't pronounce) to the bars/neighborhoods/people you painted I've gathered that we live in different worlds.

Again, thanks for the vivid trip to KaneLand. I've been all over the world - well, at least the shitty parts - but never to New York. Unless you count the one time I took the Acela Express up to Penn Station and then the LIRR out to Bethpage for work. I never even saw the city - and for some strange reason I half expected to see JMG in the train station - like my epitome of NYC would of course be there. Between the two of you I'm reminded that there's lots on my own soil that ain't been seen.

8:12 PM  
Anonymous Eric said...

I love rabbit.

Why the “eww factor”?

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Aaron said...

After enduring the hardened stares of the guys at The Eagle on Sunday for so many weeks, I am almost shocked at how friendly The Dugout crowd is. The Eagle bartenders really set the tone of the place ... No warmth there, that is for sure.

2:17 PM  

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