Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Wrapping

Well, the holidays have come and gone, and we're in that screeching downhill slide towards the New Year.

New York is completely deserted. The streets are empty. The subways are empty. My phone is not ringing. I had two e-mails this morning at work. I'm lovin' it!

Tim and I had a pretty wonderful holiday. In spite of our transit strike last week, I managed to get all my shopping done by Thursday, tipped out the building staff and my barber on Friday and spent about 5 hours wrapping presents. I hired a car to take me, all the packages and the a good deal of the food to Tim's on Friday afternoon. We hung out and relaxed. It was the last time we did that for the rest of the weekend.

Tim had me on a very tight schedule. We got up on Saturday, shopped for groceries and the boozy necessities, had breakfast and dove in. We made his Gramm's fruit cookies. I know people hate fruit cake. I rather like it. I wonder when the populist party line decided fruitcake was so gross? Pee Wee Herman even has a couple of half-naked gay boys adding an extension made of the hated fruitcakes he's received onto the Playhouse in his Christmas special. I was so tired on Friday night I fell asleep watching it. Tim woke me up in time to see Charo, Dinah Shore and Jambi! He's thoughtful that way. Mekka lekka hi, indeed.

We also made a mince pie. Tim reconstitutes the mince with bourbon. And some orange juice, but not much. Yeehah! We made a macaroni and cheese casserole, ready to toss into the oven. It's one of Tim's family traditions. I'd always heard about the all-seafood Christmas Eve dinners that Italian families enjoy. Tim's mom had four small children. She'd give them Mac and Cheese and fishsticks for Christmas Eve dinner and get them to bed. I sort of like that idea, and we carry on the casserole to this day.

I accompanied Tim to St. Aiden's for Christmas Eve services. So very different than the religious services I grew up with. I really enjoy hearing Tim sing in church. And I like the part when everybody shakes hands. I find it all a bit misleading. I keep wondering what the person I'm shaking hands with would do if they knew Tim and I had been rolling around on the floor bare-ass the night before.

I balance all this by lighting Hannukah candles! The Festival of Lights was very bright indeed this year!

Santa, in his many guises, was very good to me this year. I must have been extremely well behaved. I received theatre tickets (Mike Leigh's "Abigail's Party" starring Jennifer Jason Leigh!), a very sexy Canon digital camera that apparently does everything but have sex with you, Excellent Koss Pro-Am headphones, the Pet Sounds box set I've been drooling over for years, lots of books and DVD's and shirts, and neat things all around.

Tim seemed equally pleased with his swag. After 11 Christmases together, it's increasingly harder to surprise him, but I did fairly well, I think.

We had a small group of friends over for Christmas dinner. M. & Kevin came; we enjoyed Christmas cocktails, ate way too much, exchanged gifts and laughed alot. Tim and I even managed to clean up a fair share of the rubble before collapsing into bed around 11:30. Monday's clean-up was fairly painless.

The weekend will be upon us soon. We're debating going out Friday night, rather than Saturday. Does anyone know of fun Friday events in Manhattan? Saturday we'll stay home. Some champagne, an oyster pan roast, maybe some caviar. In bed before midnight. Sunday, Tim is working. I have no idea what the Dugout will be like on New Year's Day, but we'll find out! The worst possible scenario is hung-over tourists. And that ain't bad at all. Monday we can recuperate, and it's back to the real world on Tuesday.

To avoid the after-holiday doldrums, I'll spend January making plans for the rest of the year: renting our condo in Provincetown, checking into fares to San Francisco for Tim's birthday, planning!

Oh yeah, and I'll be hitting the gym with the rest of the holiday fatties. I have way to much money expended in my t-shirt collection to grow out of them!

Best wishes to all for a very Happy New Year!


Blogger David said...

Sounds wonderful. How do you type in green?

11:54 AM  
Blogger Mr. H.K. said...

Happy New Year, right back atcha!


Mr. H.K.
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5:14 PM  
Blogger Sheri said...

Cameback for some more reading of your writings.

Happy New Year to you as well!

7:27 PM  

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