Friday, September 23, 2005

(Monday I Got) Friday On My Mind

At this very moment in time, life sucks.

It's 5:56 PM and I'm still at my desk. Where I'll be for at least a couple of hours. Tomorrow morning I'm up before dawn because I'm overseeing a delivery of product for an installation commencing Monday at 7:30 AM. I can handle that.

The downside is I'm not on my way to Tim's house at this very moment, where I'm normally about to enjoy a flight of expertly prepared Martinis. In fact, I'll be sober as a judge for the rest of the evening. Grrr.

Friday night is my favorite night of the week. I look forward to it with er, mounting anticipation all week long. I generally haven't seem Tim in 3 or 4 days and I can't wait. Yes, I know it's ten years later. Yep, I know it's unseemly to like your boyfriend this much, but I do.

This has been our habitual tradition since we first started going out. It's been the very best way for me to get rid of my workday bullshit and slow down into the weekend. Years and years ago, Robert used to say that it took me until Sunday to unwind and then he had to send me back to the mines again. But that doesn't hold true anymore. By the time I wake up next to Tim on Saturday morning, I'm completely renewed and relaxed. And Saturday morning's even better than Friday night.

The really lousy thing about this weekend is that Tim has to work tomorrow in the late afternoon, which means he's putting in a 7 day week. He has his usual Monday through Friday job and then his Sunday gig at the Dugout. He's due at his job tomorrow just when I'm getting off mine. Grrr.

Our plan is to meet up after he gets off, whatever time that is. We'll have dinner someplace quiet and nice, and then go get us a couple of drinks.

Maybe he'll even let me hold his hand.


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